Website Management

In today's world, having a website is important for any business, no matter your age or tech experience. I am here to help you create and manage your website with simplicity and ease, even if you're new to technology. My dedication to providing exceptional, personalized, and easy-to-understand services makes me the perfect choice for those with little tech experience.

Total Website Creation

Don't worry if you're not tech-savvy; I'll handle all the technical aspects and make sure your website is perfect for your needs. I create a beautiful and easy-to-navigate website for your business with user-friendly website building tools like Squarespace so that you can maintain it well after I'm gone.

Creative Design Support

In addition to technical support, I can also help you add a creative touch to your website. This includes assistance with choosing and customizing design templates, selecting color schemes, and adding visually appealing elements like backgrounds and images. With my creative design support, your website will not only be functional but also visually engaging.

Learn to Manage Your Website

I will create easy-to-follow video tutorials that teach you how to manage your website on your own. These step-by-step guides will cover the basics, like adding new content and updating images. All of these videos will be yours to keep forever, so you can feel confident making changes to your website whenever you want.

Ongoing Support You Can Trust

If you'd like ongoing help with your website, I offer support services for a retainer or hourly fee. This can include regular updates, design changes, and troubleshooting any issues you might encounter. My goal is to provide you with reliable and friendly assistance, so you can focus on your business.

My Rates

Consultation Call - Free!
We can talk about what your needs are and what you may want from me. No charge!

Hourly rate - $60/hour
A simple website (with a few pages, a contact form, and custom domain) may take about 3 hours.

Monthly retainer - $500/month
For as much help as you need, whenever you need it! This includes changes to your website and more video tutorials.

Additional fees
The above rates do not include any fees incurred by other companies and services.
This includes your website storage, your domain name, email address, and any other services that keep your website running. We will discuss these ahead of any charges so you can decide the best path for your needs.